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True Mfg 925507 - Thermometer

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    True Mfg 925507 - Thermometer

    OEM Replacement Part from True Manufacturing

    OEM Part #925507

    Commonly Fits Model #'s: T-12, T-12F, T-12FG, T-12G, T-17F-2, T-19, T-19-1-G-1, T-19E, T-19E-FZ, T-19F, T-19FZ, T-19G, T-23, T-23-1-G-1, T-23-2, T-23DT, T-23DT-1-G-1, T-23DT-G, T-23F, T-23F-1-G-1, T-23F-2, T-23FG, T-23FG-2, T-23FZ, T-23G, T-23G-2, T-35, T-35F, T-35FG, T-35FZ, T-35G, T-43, T-43F, T-49, T-49-2-G-2, T-49-4, T-49-4PT, T-49DT, T-49DT-1-G-1, T-49DT-4, T-49DT-G, T-49F, T-49F-2-G-2, T-49F-4, T-49FG, T-49FZ, T-49G, T-49G-4, T-49G-PT, T-49G-RL, T-49MHC, T-49PT, T-49RL, T-72, T-72-3-G-3, T-72-6, T-72F, T-72F-6, T-72FG, T-72FZ, T-72G, T-72G-6, TA1-F-1S STARBUCKS, TA1R-1S STARBUCKS, TA2-F-2S STARBUCKS, TA2-R-2S STARBUCKS, TA3R-3S STARBUCKS, TC-23, TC-23G, TC-49, TC-49G, TC-72, TC-72G, TG1F-1S STARBUCKS, TG1R-1S STARBUCKS, TG2F-2S STARBUCKS, TG2R-2S STARBUCKS, TG3R-3S STARBUCKS, TMC-49, TS-23F, TS-23F-2, TSD-33, TSD-33G, TSD-47, TSD-47G, TSD-69, TSD-69G

    RHS Part #16-041

    Other Notes: Thermometer 21Ub3-1790 2" Dia W/Bracket Blk Dial Face & Beze Round Exterior Black Faced Dial Thermometer. (Replaces 831914 White Dial Thermometer Previously Used) Standard


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    If you are not happy with your hardware, we gladly accept returns within 30 days of your order, but we will charge a 35% restocking fee. Important Note: This hardware may be used to replace models and OEM parts as described below; however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with your unit based on model number alone. If you are not sure of the hardware you need, please contact us and we can walk you through making sure you get the right part.

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