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About Us is an industry leader in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration door gaskets. Our business is primarily focused on refrigeration gaskets, and that sets us apart from our competitors who typically only sell gaskets out of necessity. Those suppliers who think of gaskets as “pieces of plastic with a part number” don’t understand the importance and sometimes difficulty of getting commercial refrigeration doors to close properly. Our management team has 57 years of experience in the refrigeration industry and has spent many of those years installing gaskets and door hardware in real world situations. Our prior experience as mechanical contractors allows us to understand what you need and why you need it. We used to order gaskets from the same suppliers that you do, we understand your frustrations, and so that is why we are in business now to help you out.   warehouse.gif

When our company was founded, we made the important decision to run the company with the installer in mind. Most vendors are only able to help you find a gasket if you have a model, serial, and sometimes manufacturer’s part number. This approach makes you do all the work and assumes that you are able to collect all that information. All too often, manufacturers go out of business, model numbers get discontinued, walk in cooler and freezer doors have no identification numbers, or the model and serial number cannot be found on the equipment. We understand this, and will allow you to custom order your gaskets by the physical dimensions of the gasket. We stock most OEM profiles so you can easily match up the existing gasket to a replacement.

Our reputation in the industry along with our commitment to providing an OEM quality gasket without having to buy from the factory allows us to have competitive pricing and fast turnaround time. Orders received by 2:00 PM EST ship out the same day you order. Try us out, order your door gaskets from us and discover a better way to do business. We are excited to hear from you!

We know that our reputation is only as good as your last experience with us, and we take that very seriously. Our core values are based on creating the best customer experience we can provide. These core values are important to us, and all of our employees are part of our team because they agree with us:
  • We make it simple to buy the part – Our higher purpose is to be part of a supply chain that makes it easy for our customers to buy the right part, at the right price, right now.
  • Do it the right way, right now – We do things the right way, right now. We understand the importance of a sense of urgency. Doing it the right way creates time for new opportunities. You can rest easy knowing your gaskets are being processed with speed.
  • Exude Happiness and positivity – We surround ourselves with positive, happy people. We exude a positive vibe that our customers, employees, and vendors can feel when they interact with us in person, on the phone, and through e-mail.
  • Learn, Change, Grow, Repeat Quickly – we never take a break from reaching for that next level.
  • Exceed Expectations – We go above and beyond our customers, employees, and vendor expectations. They use the word “WOW”. We take that extra step and make that extra effort every day.

  • We never screw over the team – Our team is our employees, customers, and vendors. They are our extended family, and we put them first. Our team strength comes from each person being dependable, loyal, and trusting. We never leave someone with the short end of the stick.

We know that if we follow these core values when we do business, we will provide a great business relationship that our customers will continue to use. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to order gaskets, so you can focus on running your business.

We feel so strongly that our gaskets will exceed your expectations that we back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Put yourself at ease, this guarantee will take the frustration out of finding the right gasket. Has Gone Social!

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