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True Mfg 800182 - Relay

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    True Mfg 800182 - Relay

    OEM Replacement Part from True Manufacturing

    OEM Part #800182

    Commonly Fits Model #'s: CVM-49, G4SM-23, G4SM-23PT, G4SM-23-RGS, G4SM-23RL, G4SM-23RL-SI, GDIM-26, GDIM-26NT, GDIM-49, GDIM-49NT, GDIM-60, GDIM-72NT, GDM-05F, GDM-05F-PT, GDM-07F, GDM-10F, GDM-12F, GDM-19F, GDM-19T-F, GDM-23F, GDM-23F-2, GDM-26F, GDM-26F-2, GDM-33, GDM-33CPT, GDM-33CPT-48, GDM-33CPT-52, GDM-33CPT-54, GDM-33CPT-GASI, GDM-33SL, GDM-35, GDM-35F, GDM-35RF, GDM-35SL-RF, GDM-37, GDM-37HL, GDM-41, GDM-41C, GDM-41CPT, GDM-41CPT-48, GDM-41SL, GDM-43, GDM-43F, GDM-45, GDM-45HL, GDM-47, GDM-47FC, GDM-47RL, GDM-49, GDM-49 FAMILY DOLLAR, GDM-49DT, GDM-49F, GDM-49F DOLLAR GENERAL, GDM-49PT, GDM-49RF, GDM-49RL, GDM-49W, GDM-49W-RF, GDM-57, GDM-60, GDM-61, GDM-69, GDM-69FC, GDM-69HL, GDM-69RL, GDM-72, GDM-72 DOLLAR GENERAL, GDM-72 FAMILY DOLLAR, GDM-72F, GDM-72F DOLLAR GENERAL, GDM-72F FAMILY DOLLAR, GDM-72FC, GDM-72RL, GEM-37, GEM-45, GEM-47, GEM-47FC, GEM-49, GEM-61FC, GEM-69, GEM-69FC, GEM-72, GEM-72FC, QA-72-30MB, STA2F-2G, STA2F-2S, STA2F-4HS, STA2R-2G, STA2R-2HG/2HS, STA2R-2S, STA2R-4HG, STA2R-4HS, STA2RPT-2G-2G, STA2RPT-2S-2S, STA2RPT-4HG-4HG, STA2RPT-4HS-4HS, STG2F-2S, STG2F-4HS, STG2R-2G, STG2R-2HG/2HS, STG2R-2S, STG2R-4HG, STG2R-4HS, STG2RPT-2G-2G, STG2RPT-2S-2G, STG2RPT-2S-2S, STG2RPT-4HG-4HG, STG2RPT-4HS-4HS, STM2F-2S, STM2R-2S, STR2F-2S, STR2F-4HS, STR2R-2G, STR2R-2HG/2HS, STR2R-2S, STR2R-4HG, STR2R-4HS, STR2RPT-2G-2G, STR2RPT-2S-2S, STR2RPT-4HG-2G, STR2RPT-4HG-4HG, STR2RPT-4HS-4HS, T-12FG, T-19F, T-23DT-G, T-23F, T-23F-1-G-1, T-23F-2, T-23FG, T-23FG-2, T-35, T-35F, T-35FZ, T-35G, T-43F, T-49, T-49-2-G-2, T-49-4, T-49-4PT, T-49DT, T-49DT-4, T-49DT-G, T-49F, T-49F-2-G-2, T-49F-4, T-49FG, T-49FZ, T-49G, T-49G-4, T-49G-PT, T-49G-RL, T-49MHC, T-49PT, T-49RL, T-72, T-72-3-G-3, T-72-6, T-72F, T-72F-6, T-72FG, T-72FZ, T-72G, T-72G-6, TA1F-1G, TA1F-1S, TA1-F-1S STARBUCKS, TA1F-2HS, TA1-FPT-1S-1S, TA1-FPT-2HS-2HS, TA1FRI-1S, TA1H-1G, TA1H-1S, TA1H-2HG, TA1HPT-1G-1S, TA1HPT-1S-1S, TA1HPT-2HS-2HS, TA1HRI-1S, TA1HRI89-1S, TA1HRT-1S-1S, TA1HRT89-1S-1S, TA2DT-2S, TA2F-2G, TA2F-2S, TA2-F-2S STARBUCKS, TA2F-4HS, TA2FRI-2S, TA2H-2G, TA2H-2S, TA2HPT-2S-2S, TA2HPT-4HG-2S, TA2HPT-4HS-2S, TA2HRI-2S, TA2HRT-2S-2S, TA2R-2G, TA2R-2HG/2HS, TA2R-2S, TA2-R-2S STARBUCKS, TA2R-4HG, TA2R-4HS, TA2RPT-2G-2G, TA2RPT-2G-2S, TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TA2RPT-2S-2G, TA2RPT-2S-2S, TA2RPT-4HG-2G, TA2RPT-4HG-2S, TA2RPT-4HG-4HG, TA2RPT-4HG-4HS, TA2RPT-4HS-2G, TA2RPT-4HS-2S, TA2RRI-2G, TA2RRI-2S, TA2RRI89-2S, TA2RRT-2G-2S, TA2RRT-2S-2S, TA2RRT89-2S-2S, TA3F-3S, TA3F-6HS, TAC-48, TBB-3G, TBB-3G-S, TBB-4G, TBB-4G-PT, TBB-4G-S, TBB-4PT, TBB-4PT-S, TBB-GAL-3G, TC-23F, TC-49, TC-49G, TC-72, TC-72G, TCGDZ-50, TCGG-36, TCGG-60, TCGG-72, TCGR-31, TCGR-36, TCGR-50, TCGR-50-CD, TCGR-59, TCGR-59-CD, TCGR-77, TCM-78AC, TCM-78AC-GF, TCM-78AC-GF-SD, TD-80-30-LT, TD-95-38, TD-95-38-LT, TD-95-38-S, TDBD-48-2, TDBD-48-4, TDBD-72-2, TDBD-72-4, TDBD-96-3, TDBD-96-6, TDC-27, TDC-47, TDC-47-CG, TDC-67, TDC-87, TDD-4CT-G, TDD-4G, TDG-95-38, TDG-95-38-S, TG1F-1G, TG1F-1HG/1HS, TG1F-1S, TG1F-1S STARBUCKS, TG1F-2HG, TG1F-2HS, TG1FPT-1S-1S, TG1FRI-1S, TG1H-1G, TG1H-1S, TG1H-2HS, TG1HPT-1G-1S, TG1HPT-1S-1S, TG1HPT-2HS-2HS, TG1HRI-1S, TG1HRI89-1S, TG1HRT-1S-1S, TG1HRT89-1S-1S, TG2DT-2S, TG2F-2G, TG2F-2S, TG2F-2S STARBUCKS, TG2F-4HS, TG2FRI-2S, TG2H-2G, TG2H-2S, TG2HPT-2S-2S, TG2HRI-2S, TG2HRT-2S-2S, TG2R-2G, TG2R-2HG/2HS, TG2R-2S, TG2R-2S STARBUCKS, TG2R-4HG, TG2R-4HS, TG2RPT-2G-2G, TG2RPT-2G-2S, TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TG2RPT-2S-2G, TG2RPT-2S-2S, TG2RPT-4HG-2G, TG2RPT-4HG-2S, TG2RPT-4HG-4HG, TG2RPT-4HS-2G, TG2RPT-4HS-2S, TG2RPT-4HS4HS, TG2RRI-2G, TG2RRI-2S, TG2RRI89-2S, TG2RRT-2G-2S, TG2RRT-2S-2S, TG2RRT89-2S-2S, TG3F-3S, TG3F-6HS, THAC-48, THAC-60, THDC-02SF, THDC-04, THDC-04SF, THDC-06, THDC-08, TM-24F, TM-24F-2, TM-24FG, TM-52F, TM-52F-4, TM-74, TM-74-6, TM-74F, TM-74G, TMC-34, TMC-49, TMC-49-DS, TMC-58, TMC-58-DS, TPP-119, TPP-119D-2, TPP-119D-4, TPP-119D-6, TPP-119D-8, TPP-93, TPP-93D-2, TPP-93D-4, TPP-93D-6, TR1F-1G, TR1F-1S, TR1-F-2HG, TR1F-2HS, TR1FPT-1S-1S, TR1FRI-1S, TR1H-1G, TR1H-1S, TR1H-2HS, TR1HPT-1G-1G, TR1HPT-1G-1S, TR1HPT-1S-1G, TR1HPT-1S-1S, TR1HPT-2HG-2HG, TR1HPT-2HS-2HS, TR1HRI-1S, TR1HRI89-1S, TR1HRT-1S-1S, TR1HRT89-1S-1S, TR2DT-2S, TR2F-2G, TR2F-2S, TR2F-4HS, TR2FRI-2S, TR2H-2G, TR2H-2S, TR2H-4HS, TR2HPT-2G-2G, TR2HPT-2G-2S, TR2HPT-2S-2S, TR2HPT-2S-4HG, TR2HPT-4HG-4HS, TR2HPT-4HS-2S, TR2HPT-4HS-4HS, TR2HRI-2S, TR2HRT-2S-2S, TR2R-2G, TR2RPT-2G-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2G-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2G-2S, TR2RPT-2G-4HG, TR2RPT-2G-4HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2G, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HG, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-4HG, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-4HS, TR2RPT-2S-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2S-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2S-2G, TR2RPT-2S-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2S-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2S-2S, TR2RPT-2S-4HG, TR2RPT-4HG-1G/1S, TR2RPT-4HG-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-4HG-2G, TR2RPT-4HG-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-4HG-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-4HG-2S, TR2RPT-4HG-4HG, TR2RPT-4HG-4HS, TR2RPT-4HS-1G/1S, TR2RPT-4HS-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-4HS-2G, TR2RPT-4HS-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-4HS-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-4HS-2S, TR2RPT-4HS-4HG, TR2RPT-4HS-4HS, TR2RRI-2G, TR2RRI-2S, TR2RRI89-2S, TR2RRT-2G-2S, TR2RRT-2S-2S, TR2RRT89-2S-2S, TR3F-3S, TR3F-6HS, TR-56F, TR-56F-4, TR-77RI-89, TR-77RI-F, TR-77RT-89, TRCB-110, TRCB-72, TRCB-82, TRCB-96, TS-23F, TS-23F-2, TS-23FG, TS-35F, TS-43F, TS-49, TS-49-1-G-3, TS-49-2-G-2, TS-49-4, TS-49F, TS-49F-2-G-2, TS-49F-4, TS-49FG, TS-49G, TS-49G-4, TS-53, TS-53-4, TS-53-4-G-4PT, TS-53-4PT, TS-53G-4, TS-53G-PT, TS-53G-PT-2G-2S, TS-53G-RL, TS-53PT, TS-72, TS-72-3-G-3, TS-72-6, TS-72F, TS-72F-6, TS-72FG, TS-72G, TS-72G-6, TSD-47, TSD-47G, TSID-72-2, TSID-72-2-L, TSID-72-3, TSID-72-3-L, TSID-72-4, TSID-72-4-L, TSID-72-6, TSID-72-6-L, TSID-96-3, TSID-96-6, TSSU-72-08, TSSU-72-10, TSSU-72-12, TSSU-72-12D-4, TSSU-72-12M-B, TSSU-72-15M-B, TSSU-72-16, TSSU-72-18, TSSU-72-18D-2, TSSU-72-18D-4, TSSU-72-18M-B, TSSU-72-18-ST, TSSU-72-24M-B-ST, TSSU-72-30M, TSSU-72-30MB, TSSU-72-30MB-DS, TSSU-72-30M-B-DS-ST, TSSU-72-30M-B-ST, TSSU-72-30MB-ST-D2, TSSU-72-40M-B-DS-ST, TUC-119, TUC-119D-2, TUC-119D-4, TUC-119D-6, TUC-119D-8, TUC-27FG, TUC-44F, TUC-44F-HD, TUC-48F, TUC-48F-D, TUC-48F-D-4, TUC-48F-LP, TUC-60-32F, TUC-60F, TUC-60F-LP, TUC-67F, TUC-67F-HD, TUC-72, TUC-93, TUC-93D-2, TUC-93D-4, TUC-93D-6, TUC-93F, TUC-93F-HD, TUC-93HD, TUC-GAL-48F, TVM-400, TWT-119, TWT-119D-2, TWT-119D-4, TWT-119D-6, TWT-119D-8, TWT-36F, TWT-44F, TWT-44F-HD, TWT-48F, TWT-48F-D4, TWT-60-32F, TWT-60F, TWT-67F, TWT-67F-HD, TWT-72, TWT-93, TWT-93D-2, TWT-93D-4, TWT-93D-6, TWT-93F, TWT-93F-HD, TWT-93HD

    RHS Part #61-471

    Other Notes: Relay, G7L-1A-Tub-Cb (Or Jcb Alt.) 25 Amp Omron



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