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How to properly measure a gasket

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Measuring a gasket for replacement is as easy as 3 simple steps.

  • First: Take a look at the gasket currently on the door and match the style up to one of the profiles on our site.  With time, you will get to know our gasket profiles and will probably be able to look at a gasket and know what profile it is.  
  • Second:  Using a tape measure, measure the outside edge width of the gasket that is currently on the door.  Measuring the outside edge dimension properly is critical for the replacement gasket to fit properly.  If the gasket seems to be stretched or warped a bit, don’t worry, as long as you are within 1/4 inch, the replacement gasket should install properly.  Use your best judgment from looking at how the gasket is sitting on the door to understand if the measurement you made is going to be accurate.             
  • Third:  Look at the entire perimeter of the gasket and determine if the gasket is a full 4 sided gasket, or if it only needs to have 2 or 3 sides.  Most refrigeration door gaskets are 4 sided, but when you are working with large walk in cooler door gaskets, you will find many of those are 3 sided gaskets with no bottom.  Also, over time, you will end up doing estimates in kitchens with specialty equipment and you will come across situations where the gaskets are not 4 sided.  If the gasket is NOT 4 sided, then you will need to specify which sides you would like us to include.

If you'd like to watch a professional measure and install a gasket, check out our How-To Videos!