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How Strip Curtains Can Benefit Your Business

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Aside from’s focus on making custom refrigeration door gaskets that will change the way your run your business, we also sell a wide variety of strip curtains for several types of applications that will benefit your business. If you’re new to the world of strip curtains, we’re here to walk you through the different ways strip curtains can benefits your business. Read below to for the main benefits of strip curtains.

1. Improve traffic and work flow. One of the main reasons for adding strip curtain doors in your warehouse is that they improve the flow of traffic immensely. On the busiest of days, you won’t want to worry about constantly opening and closing doors to main passage ways in your warehouse and strip doors will provide a great solution to this. Strip curtain doors provide necessary barriers to work areas that need a clear separation, but also allow heavy machinery and workers to move more efficiently back and forth throughout each area.

2. Moderate temperature in your space. Strip curtain doors are often used to moderate temperature within different areas of a warehouse or building. Our strip curtain doors can be placed within entries to industrial coolers or freezers to provide an extra barrier and keep temperatures separate. Economically, strip curtain doors are very beneficial and will end up saving you money on energy costs. Restaurant or grocery store owners often make the mistake of not installing a strip curtain door in lieu of the regular cooler or freezer door - this allows much of the cold air to escape and, in turn, drives up the electric bill.

3. Provide a barrier from the outdoors. Strip curtain doors are great for providing a barrier between large openings connecting interior to exterior parts of a warehouse. A properly installed clear strip curtain door installed at a dock or bay will ensure safety of your employees by allowing them to see clearly through the curtains, while controlling the temperature and keeping cold or hot air outside instead of inside. This tactic is also used quite often in barns to allow easy movement of animals, people, and equipment in and out of the building, but keeping the interior at the appropriate temperature for animals inside.

4. Keep debris in its place. Sometimes in a warehouse, things can get messy - and a perfectly placed strip curtain door can help immensely with this. Create a barrier between different areas of your warehouse where you may not want to install a full door. This will prevent debris from one area from entering into another area that needs to stay clean.

Hopefully this review helps with your decision to purchase strip curtains. If you’re finally ready to install strip curtain doors to benefit your business, or to replace worn out strip curtains, check our our options here. If you have any questions about how strip curtains can benefit your business, feel free to reach out to us at

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