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Blog Ensures Perfect Fitting Gaskets with Dart-to-Dart Dimensions

Posted on Ensures Perfect Fitting Gaskets with Dart-to-Dart Dimensions

Saving its Customers Trouble and Effort, Promises a Perfect Fitting Gasket when Provided Dart-to-Dart Dimensions by their Customers., retailers of OEM replacement gaskets, has once again proven their leadership in the industry by offering convenience and satisfaction to their customers. provides not only custom-made gasket based on outside-edge dimensions, but also on dart-to-dart dimensions provided by their customers.


For a perfect fitting refrigerator/freezer gasket outside-edge dimensions are a necessity. However, many customers are more comfortable providing dart-to-dart dimensions. Due to their extensive experience in the industry, the professional team at is able to calculate the outside-edge dimensions from the given dart-to-dart dimensions.


According to the company’s spokesperson, “Measuring dart-to-dart can be done without much effort. Unfortunately, most manufacturers require you to provide them with the outside-edge dimensions. Many people are unable to measure outside edge properly and end up with the wrong size gasket. Dart-to-dart dimensions are most accurate if measurement is taken from center of the track to center of the track.”


Matt Wind, the company’s co-founder, also explained that the dart-to-dart dimensions are often referred to as track-to-track dimensions. One advantage of measuring using the dart-to-dart method is sometimes the gasket is in such poor condition that it is literally falling apart. Measuring track-to-track enables you to get an accurate measurement without involving the edges of the gasket, which might not be present if the gasket has deteriorated.


While the outside-edge method is still preferred for determining a perfect fitting gasket, the company does not limit their customers’ choice by requiring them. “Our major concern is the convenience and comfort of our customers. They can provide us with the outside-edge dimensions or the dart-to-dart dimensions for their custom-made gasket. They just need to notify us in their order notes section if they are using the dart-to-dart method.”


Along with custom-made gaskets, offers OEM quality gaskets for all commercial coolers (including but not limited to: Beverage-Air, Continental, Delfield, Traulsen, True Manufacturing, Turbo Air). also offers refrigeration hardware and accessories. All of the products are available at competitive prices and the company also has a tradition of introducing outstanding discount offers from time to time.


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With decades of experience in the refrigeration industry, is one of the leading retailers of commercial replacement gaskets. The company is known for providing OEM quality gaskets based on unit’s model/serial numbers or part number. They are also able to replicate gaskets that have been discontinued or are unavailable elsewhere. offers highly competitive prices on all replacement gaskets.


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