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How to Order Your Custom Gasket:

Step 1: Select the profile that matches your existing gasket. See available profiles here.

Step 2: Measure the existing gasket outside edge to outside edge and round to the nearest 1/8". Enter the short side and long side dimensions in the dropdowns provided.

Step 3: Identify how many sides your gasket has. 4 sided is most common, this is when your gasket goes all the way around the door. 3 sided gaskets are most common for walk-in and pass-through coolers/freezers. If 3 sided, we will assume your gasket needs 2 long sides and 1 short side, if you need 2 short sides and 1 long side please specify in the special instructions.

Step 4: Select quantity needed and add to cart!

Profile 3401 Custom Gasket

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  • Product Details


    Custom Refrigeration Gasket - Profile 3401



    OEM Quality Refrigeration Door Gasket Made To The Size You Need!



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  • Shipping & Returns
    If you are not happy with your gasket, we will gladly replace the gasket within 30 days of your order. Important Note: This gasket may be used to replace models and OEM parts as described below; however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with your unit based on model number alone. If you are not sure of the gasket you need, please contact us and we can walk you through making sure you get the right gasket. The best way to confirm you are ordering the right gasket is to confirm the size of the gasket you need and also the profile of the gasket you need. (Our measurements are always outside edge to outside edge on the website).