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The WHAT WHEN WHY and HOW to your Gasket Questions

What is a gasket?

The rubber lining around the inside of a refrigeration door or drawer creating a tight seal to keep cold air in. If your gasket is stretched, torn, or worn it probably isn't sealing correctly and needs to be replaced!

When do I replace my gasket?

Is your gasket barely hanging on the door? Is it ripped? Has it lost all its mojo? It's time to replace! When in doubt check the following to make sure your gasket is still in good working condition:

  • The gasket is torn or ripped in the seams, around the magnet, or torn from the track.
  • Cold air can be felt leaking from the seal when closed.
  • The gasket is too dirty to clean.
  • The gasket is no longer flexible and feels hard.
  • There is frost built up inside the unit

Why do I replace my gasket?

Keep your machine running at its best! You will conserve energy and keep the temperature in the unit consistent. This is an important food safety risk! You can also risk damage to the compressor if you continue to operate the cooler without fixing a leak.

How do I figure out what gasket I need?

If you know the manufacturer of the unit, the model number, and the serial number then you can call the manufacturer to provide you with the gasket part number (you can do this for hardware too). Once you have the part number, simply type it into the search bar on our site. If we have the gasket you need already loaded, the exact product page you need will pull up. If not, we can always make it a custom gasket for you! We will need you to identify the profile, provide the dimensions and Viola! Custom gasket!

I entered information incorrectly, how do I fix this or cancel the order?

If you feel you entered the wrong quantity, gave the wrong address, or need to cancel your order completely, please give us a call at 855-288-2259. We can only fix it through our end if the product hasn't shipped yet!