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Fan Blade 5 1/2", Ccw - 281295


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    Manufacture Notes: 
    Evaporator Fan Blade;5-1/2" Ccw Blade, 3/16" Hole, 5 Blades, May Be White Or;Clear;Rotation Looking From Back Of Blade - Motor Side -;Facing Air Discharge.;For Fan Motor # 68-1168;Delfield 186114-Buc, 186114-Ptb, 18648-Buc, 18648-Ptb,;18648Ptb, 18660-Buc, 18660-Ptb, 18672-Buc, 18672-Ptb,;18691-Buc, 18691-Ptb, 18699-Buc, 18699-Ptb, 18699Buc,;18699Ptb, 225L, 227L, 402, 403, 4048-St, 4048-Uc, 406,;406Cp, 407, 4148-St, 4148-Uc, 4460N, 4464N, 4472N, 4560N,;6025Xl-G, 6025Xl-Gh, 6025Xl-Ghr, 6025Xl-Gr, 6025Xl-S,;6025Xl-Sh, 6025Xl-Shr, 6025Xl-Sr, 6125Xl-S, 6125Xl-Sh,;6125Xl-Shr, 6125Xl-Sr, 7048-M, 7048-P, 7048-S, Ctb8146-Nb,;Ctb8160-Nb, Ctb8175-Nb, D4460N, D4464N, D4472N, D4532N,

    Peerless Part Number(s): 2997
    McCall Part Number(s): 13089, MCC13089, MCC2FAB0241017
    Kairak Part Number(s): 13473, 338-13473-00
    Traulsen Part Number(s): 13473, 338-13473-00
    Continental Refrigerator Part Number(s): 40623
    Glastender Part Number(s): 6001395, 6001395, GLA06001395, GLA6001395, GT032802, GT-032802
    Glenco Part Number(s): 2FAB0241-017, SP241-17
    Star Mfg Part Number(s): 2FAB0241-017
    Delfield Part Number(s): 3516172S, MCC2FAB0241017, MCC2FAB-0241-017
    Howard Part Number(s): 60-001
    Randell Part Number(s): RDRFFAN005, RF FAN005, RFFAN005, RF-FAN005


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