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Custom Cutting Board - 1/4" Brown Richlite

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    Custom Cutting Board - 1/4" Brown Richlite

    OEM Quality Custom Cutting Board

    Richlite is a dense material made from partially recycled paper and phenolic resin.  The paper is soaked in phenolic resin, then molded and baked into net shape in a heated form or press.  

    Richlite won't dull your knives and is safe to clean in a commercial dishwasher!

    Heat resistant up to 350 degrees!

    Resistant to: staining, warping, chipping, and cracking!



    Short Side + Short Side Fraction = Total Short Side Dimensions

    Long Side + Long Side Fraction = Total Long Side Dimension

    Edge Style

    Standard - Most popular option, safe to handle, square finished edge

    Bullnose (rounded) - Edges rounded to a 1/2" radius

    Unfinished (saw cut) - Common on custom applications, square but not finished edges


    Corner Style:

    Standard - Most popular option, safe to handle, square finished corner

    Rounded - Corners rounded to 1/2" radius

    Unfinished (saw cut) - No finishing, sharp corner


    Note: Custom cutting boards are non-returnable as they are made to order.  Please double check your measurements as we will make it to the exact dimensions that you order



    We have a CNC machine that allows us to do almost anything you can think of with a cutting board.  If you have a project you'd like us to work on please reach out to us.  We can manufacture cutting boards with the following:

    - Custom Logo

    - Crumb Catchers

    - Waste Holes

    - Juice Grooves

    - ETC!

    Give us a call at 855-288-2259, email us at, or chat with us online if you have any questions.



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